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SyberJet Gets First Look at New Interior by Jason Castriota Design

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Mark Fairchild

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Chuck Taylor

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SyberJet Aircraft is pleased to announce that Jason Castriota Design (JCD) has delivered the first artistic renderings of an exciting new interior for its proprietary SJ30 light business jet. Mr. Castriota, who has worked with a myriad of iconic brands including Ferrari and Maserati, over the course of his career, is known for his emphasis on performance and advanced ergonomics in all of his designs. Jason was retained by SyberJet to ensure that the SJ30's new interior will be as distinctive as its performance.

Recognized as the world's fastest and longest range, seven-seat light business jet, the SJ30 is being upgraded with Honeywell-powered SyberVision™ avionics and a fresh interior designed by Jason Castriota. These upgrades will yield significant weight reduction, bring next generation technology and efficiency to the cockpit, and modernize the interior environment.

Mr. Castriota has worked with some of the world's most exotic and high performance automobile brands. Hailed by automotive historian, Winston Goodfellow, as "one of the industry's hottest automotive designers," he's been involved in many prestigious projects during his career, such as the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, the Maserati Gran Turismo, and the One-of-a-Kind Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion.

With regard to the SyberJet project Mr. Castriota said, "My team and I were extremely excited and honored to work with SyberJet on further evolving their amazing aircraft. Needless to say we have a shared passion for speed, performance and quality and our collaborative efforts reflect that."

Chuck Taylor, President of SyberJet, shared Mr. Castriota's enthusiasm: "Jason's design work on the SJ30's interior is an important part of SyberJet's overall appeal. We are excited to have Jason on board, and are eager to show the world the bold, new SJ30!"

Mr. Castriota also explained some of the philosophy behind the SJ30's new design direction: "Given that many of the SJ30's owners are pilots themselves, we snatched the opportunity to create a supercar-like environment in the cockpit, with superior ergonomics and a very technical look and feel. For passengers in the main cabin we have shifted the emphasis to being modern, functionally dynamic, and comfortable by creating an environment which is open and light to ensure a relaxed and peaceful journey."

About SyberJet Aircraft

SyberJet Aircraft is an MSC Aerospace company and a U.S. based producer of the world’s fastest and longest range seven-seat light business jet – SyberJet’s own proprietary SJ30. The SJ30 is single pilot FAA certified jet with a top speed of Mach 0.83 (486 kts / 560 mph) and a 2,500 nautical mile range. It maintains sea level cabin pressure up to 41,000 feet (maximum flight ceiling is 49,000 feet). The SJ30 holds three world records for speed and distance. It is designed with a 30 degree swept wing for high speed and fuel efficient cruising and with leading edge slats and flaps that are optimized for low speed approaches and gentle landings. These state-of-the-art aerodynamic features, coupled with the efficiency and power of Williams FJ44 engines and the advanced technology of SyberVision™ avionics (with Honeywell inside), make the SJ30 best in class. SyberJet Aircraft has operations in Cedar City, Utah and in San Antonio, Texas.

About MSC Aerospace

MSC Aerospace is a family of integrated and synergistic companies with aerospace related operations. Besides producing its own SJ30 light business jet, MSC Aerospace companies support the fabrication and assembly of detail aircraft parts and aero-structures for many leading commercial and military customers.