SyberJet Aircraft is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Rheinland Air Service GmbH (RAS), based in Mönchengladbach, Germany, to become an authorized SyberJet Customer Service Center. This is SyberJet’s first authorized international service center appointment and represents the company’s commitment to supporting its U.S.-based customers while traveling internationally, as well as those based in Europe in the near future. The SJ30’s 2,500 nm range makes it the perfect aircraft to operate to and from Europe. Now with maintenance support in the European market, SJ30 owners and operators can be sure that their new SJ30 will be supported 24/7 overseas with local, dedicated, SyberJet factory-trained personnel.

Headquartered at Mönchengladbach Airport near Düsseldorf, RAS becomes the first SyberJet international authorized service center with initial service in Germany and the surrounding region. With RAS’s reach in the area, SyberJet is confident that its operators will be well serviced as SJ30i aircraft deliveries begin in the near future.

"As we begin to deliver SJ30i aircraft, we want to deliver on the promise to the owner/operators for a fully supported world-wide service network. Bringing Rheinland Air Service on board is the first step in that process, but it will not stop there. We are committed to providing high quality service to back up the world’s great performing light jet in this market," comments SyberJet Director of Sales and Service Mark Fairchild.

RAS CEO Johannes Graf von Schaesberg is excited to be part of the SyberJet team – "We have been watching the SJ30 program with great admiration and are excited to see the company expand its service and support into the European market. For a light jet with such long range it is vitally important to be able to provide service throughout the world and RAS is perfectly positioned to do just that in Germany, Europe and beyond."

About SyberJet Aircraft

SyberJet Aircraft is an MSC Aerospace company and a U.S. based producer of the world’s fastest and longest range seven-seat light business jet – SyberJet’s own proprietary SJ30. The SJ30 is single pilot FAA certified jet with a top speed of Mach 0.83 (486 kts / 560 mph) and a 2,500 nautical mile range. It maintains sea level cabin pressure up to 41,000 feet (maximum flight ceiling is 49,000 feet). The SJ30 holds three world records for speed and distance. It is designed with a 30 degree swept wing for high speed and fuel efficient cruising and with leading edge slats and flaps that are optimized for low speed approaches and gentle landings. These state-of-the-art aerodynamic features, coupled with the efficiency and power of Williams FJ44 engines and the advanced technology of SyberVisionTM avionics (with Honeywell inside), make the SJ30 best in class. SyberJet Aircraft has operations in Cedar City, Utah and in San Antonio, Texas.